Iron County Assessor's Office

Cindy W. Bulloch
Po Box 537
Parowan, UT 84761
(435) 477-8310 - Phone
(435) 477-1080 - Fax
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Assessor's Office Personnel:
Ann Gurr Chief Deputy Assessor / Appraiser (435) 477-8312
Tamara Melling Appraiser (435) 477-8314
Kyle Adams Appraiser (435) 477-8316
Brady Kelsey Appraiser (435) 477-8315
Exilda Serrano Appraiser (435) 477 8317
Meliss Houston Motor Vehicles (435) 477 8320
Rhonda Warren Personal Property (435) 477-8310
Teresa Caldwell Appraisal Support (435) 477-8313

Cedar City Office - Motor Vehicle:
82 North 100 East Suite 201
Cedar City, Utah 84720
(435) 865-5360 Phone

Marilyn Webster
Motor Vehicles (435) 865-5364
Terry Wood
Motor Vehicles (435) 865-5361
Carolyn Felker Motor Vehicles (435) 865-5362

Understanding your Assessment
Please click here for the 2011 understanding your assessment brochure. In this brochure you will find answers to your questions like, how taxes increase, what to do if you disagree with your valuation, and other important questions and answers to help you understand assessments in Iron County.
The Utah Farmland Assessment Act (Greenbelt Act)
The Utah Farmland Assessment Act (FAA, also called the Greenbelt Act) allows qualifying agricultural property to be assessed and taxed based upon its productive capability instead of the prevailing market value. This unique method of assessment is vital to agriculture operations in close proximity to expanding urban areas, where taxing agricultural property at market value could make farming operations economically prohibitive.
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