The Iron County Natural Resource Department serves the Commissioners to:

  • Develop and maintain the Iron County Resource Management Plan (CRMP), specific resource plans, and the natural resources section of the Iron County General Plan.
  • Develop monitoring system for all goals and objectives of the Iron CRMP.
  • Responsible for implementing the Iron CRMP.
  • Monitor, review, and report to County Board of Commissioners and other necessary county officials regarding all federal and state land and natural resource management agency proposals and environmental analyses that impact Iron County or Iron County interests.
  • Submit formal comment to agencies, as warranted, under direction of the Board of Commission and Natural Resource Advisory Council.
  • Serve as a representative for Iron County in formal Cooperating Agency agreements with federal agency projects of interest.
  • Meet all other participation expectations of and requisite reporting to the Board of Commissioners.
  • Responsible for building and maintaining positive and productive working relationships with all state and federal land and natural resource management agencies and personnel as well as with the general public and interest or advocacy groups working on or interested in natural resource issues in Iron County.
  • Ensure public is informed of CRMP processes through public outreach, education, and information

    Iron County Resource Management Plan

    The Iron County Resource Management Plan (CRMP) was developed to facilitate cooperation and collaboration between the County and federal & state land management agencies in planning for natural resources in Iron County.  The Iron CRMP was developed jointly with land management agencies and serves as the basis for future site and resource specific natural resources planning.  It is the intent of the Iron County Board of Commissioners to include the plan as the Natural Resource Section of the Iron County General Plan when it is updated in the future. To view the Iron County Resoruce Management Plan including a map, click here (PDF)

    Regonal/Local Projects

    Lake Powell Pipeline Project: The proposed Lake Powell Pipeline Project would divert 100,000 acre feet of water from Lake Powell to southern Utah, with Kane County receiving 10,000 acre feet, Washington County receiving 70,000 acre feet, and Iron County receiving 20,000 acre feet of water. The project is in the initial planning stage spearheaded by the Utah Division of Water Resources.

    Update of Iron Mines. This site gives the latest information on the iron mining project of Cedar City.

    BLM Resource Management Plan: The BLM is currently revising their Field Office-wide planning document that will provide guidance on local projects for the next 15 to 20 years. The public can follow the progress of this planning process and provide timely comments by visiting:

    Greater Sage Grouse Planning: The greater sage-grouse is currently being considered for listing under the Endangered Species Act and federal, state, and local governments are in the process of developing conservation strategies that will preclude listing. There are a number of efforts on-going at present time. The following links will provide information on each level of governmental planning:

    • Federal Agencies: The federal agencies are preparing a region-wide Environmental Assessment that will provide direction to BLM and Forest Service offices on conservation measures to take in management of sage-grouse habitat.

    • Utah: The state of Utah has prepared a Conservation Plan for Greater Sage-grouse in Utah, February 14, 2013. The identified conservation measures will become an alternative in the federal EIS mentioned above:

    • Iron County(This is where the link from the “News and Events” page should take the reader): In response to the proposed listing of the sage-grouse under the Endangered Species Act, Iron County has prepared a draft Greater Sage-grouse Resource Management Plan that is currently open for public comment. This plan will be considered for amended into the Iron County General Plan by the County Commissioners after review by the public and by the Iron County Planning Commission.

      To review and make comment on the document click here. Send comments either by mail or email to Mike Worthen, IC Natural Resource Specialist. Contact information is listed below.

    Zephyr Power Transmission Project: A proposed power transmission line from Wyoming to Las Vegas, NV that will traverse through Iron County. An overview of the project and comment information can be found at:

    Please check this website regularly for updates about county resource management planning and project implementation, the County’s new Natural Resource Advisory Council, meetings and other special events, formal county comments to agency proposals and projects, and other items related to the planning and management of natural resources in Iron County.

    If you have questions, please contact:

    Mike Worthen
    Natural Resource Management Specialist
    82 N 100 E, Ste 102
    Cedar City, UT 84720
    Phone: (435) 865-5357
    Fax: (435) 875-5359

  • Cedar City Economic Development
  • Color County Resource Conservation & Development Council
  • Five County Association of Governments
  • Utah Farm Bureau Federation
  • Southwest Utah Planning Authorities Council

  • Governor's Office of Planning & Budget, State & Local Planning Section
  • Governor’s Office of Economic Development, Rural Development, and the Governor’s Rural Partnership Board
  • Governor’s Office of Public Lands Policy Coordination
  • Utah Department of Agriculture & Food
  • Utah Department of Natural Resources
  • Utah School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration
  • SUU Regional Services
  • Utah State University Extension Services
  • Utah Association of Conservation Districts
  • Utah Association of Counties

  • DOI, Bureau of Land Management - Cedar City Field Office
  • DOI, Cedar Breaks National Monument
  • USDA, Dixie National Forest
  • USDA, Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS)
  • USDA Rural Development
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