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This page contains information on the all Iron County Boards and their members. If you would like to serve on a board, or would like more information on a particular county board, please send a request with the form below.

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Accident & Safety Review Board

The Accident & Safety Review Board will meet as needed. Members serve until further notice.

Board Members: John Whittaker, Adrion Walker, Preston Nelson, Lt. Del Schlosser, Dan Jessen, Joanna Cuthers, Mike Edwards, Cindy Bulloch, Bruce Anderson, Lori Starr

Ag Protection Area Board/Enterprise & Iron (E&I) Conservation District

Iron County does not make appointments. (Elected By Local Farm Svc. Agcy. List). Send notes to: P.O. Box 806, Panguitch, Ut, 84759

Board Members: Nancy Clark (Chair), Glen Halterman, Brent Hunter, Mark Halterman, Cody Staheli

Bookmobile Library Board

Board Members: Pat Tompkins, Megan Bailey, Ashley Christensen, Paula Hein, Kay Dawn Mar, Laurie Rigby, Alma Adams

Boundary Commission

2 municipalities appoint – within 30 days of filing protest UT Code 10-2-409

Board Members: Mike Bleak, Cindy Bulloch

Career Service Council

Will use administrative law judge.

Council on Aging

3 year terms staggered so 3 terms expire each year.

Board Members: Lois Bulloch (Chair), Earl Paddock (1st Vice Chair), Maree Prince (2nd Vice Chair), Gene Graham, Peggy Hale, Doug Maxwell, Robert Rasmussen, Arlen Grimshaw, Curtis Crawford (Secretary), Frances Gallian, Michael Bleak

Health Insurance Committee

Assigned by Department Head.

Board Members: Adrion Walker, Carrie Christiansen, Melanie Hall, Mickelle Quintanilla, Angelica Judd, Josh Meredith , Julie Sanders, G’Ne Bartholomew, Bart Bishop, Exilda Serrano, Eric Witzke, Ben Harris

IC Special Service Dist. #3 Administrative Control Board

4 year terms.

Board Members: Alma Adams, Kim Evans, Craig Laub, Brandon Hunter, Jon Whittaker

LEPC/Emergency Preparedness Committee

Board Members: Bruce Anderson (Chair), Rob Dotson (Vice Chair), George Colson, Michael Bleak, Stephanie Orton (Secretary/Treasurer)

Mountain View Spec Srv Dist Administrative Control Board

4 year terms.

Board Members: Chuck Milby, George Kirkman

Natural Resource Advisory Council

Serve as available, replace as needed.

Board Members: Craig Laub, Rick Bonzo, Donnie Hunter, Deneen McCarthy, Tom Stratton, Jeff Hunter, Brian Cottam, Mike Worthen

Planning Commission

Maximum nine consecutive years plus remainder of another.

Board Members: Ron Larsen (Chair), Phil Schmidt, Mark Halterman, Blake DeMille, Kendall Cripps, Mike Brown, Brandon Hunter, Chelsea Hunt (Secretary), Chad Nay

Restaurant Tax Board

Board Members: Gary Dallman, Dolly Wearn, Burke Wilkerson, Michael Bleak, Maria Twitchell

Southwest Behavioral Health Board

Board Members: Paul Cozzens, LaMont Smith, Victor Iverson, Mike Dalton, Jerry Taylor, Michael Deal (Executive Director), Paul Thorpe (Director)

Summit Spec Service District Administrative Control Board

4 year terms.

Board Members: Danny Hulet (Chair), Val Williams (Vice Chair), Adrian Anderson (Treasurer), Deo Jones (Secretary), Wade Gale

Tourism Advisory Board

3 year terms – Recommended by Advisory Board.

Board Members: Todd Prince (Vice Chair), Diane Bixman, Eddy Wittwer, Arnold Needham, Michael Bleak, Maria Twitchell, Amber Bennett, Jet Smith

Water Conservancy District

Four Year Terms-(Kanarraville 1, Agricultural Interest 1, Enoch 2, Cedar 3)

Board Members: Brent Hunter (Chair), Terri Hartley, Tom Stratton , Joel Myers, Tyler Allred, Spencer Jones, David Harris, Paul Monroe

Weed Control Board

4 year terms.

Board Members: Shawn Reber, Kim Evans, Paul Nelson, Glen Halterman, Lee Hulet, Chad Reid, Alma Adams

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