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Stephanie Furnival, Director
Iron County Children’s Justice Center
PO Box 2623
545 S 225 E
Cedar City, Utah 84720

Tel: (435) 867-4275
Fax: (435) 867-4282
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What We Do

The Children’s Justice Center is a homelike facility which serves children and families who are experiencing the crisis and chaos that comes with the disclosure of significant physical or sexual abuse of a child. Audio and video equipment is used to preserve the interview for evidence and eliminate the need for multiple interviews.

The Center is designed to help children feel safe and comfortable so that they may begin to deal with the difficult and often frightening issues that surround abuse. The focus and function of the CJC is to reduce the trauma of the child abuse investigation and help the child feel safe to reveal the truth.

The CJC is a working public/private partnership for our children. The homelike facility and the treatment programs of the CJC are supported by private donations from the community. The CJC receives partial operational funding through appropriation by the Utah State Legislature, administered by the Office of the Utah Attorney General.



The Iron County Children’s Justice Center began operation in June of 2002 in Cedar City, Utah. The Cedar City Police Department graciously donated office space and an interview room in the local Police Department for 2 ½ years. Intermountain Health Care donated land and a house that would become the Iron County Children’s Justice Center permanent location. The community of Iron County embraced the Center with the gift of giving through many hours of donated labor and skills, donated material and cash assistance to renovate a home that needed tender loving care. In January of 2005 the Iron County Children’s Justice Center moved their facility permanently to their new location located at 545 S 225 E, Cedar City, Utah. The Center is now a beautiful warm place for children and families and one step closer towards the healing process of child abuse. The Center currently has two operational interview rooms and conducts approximately 170 cases per year.


The mission of the Iron County Children’s Justice Center is to provide a comprehensive, multi disciplinary, nonprofit, intergovernmental response to: Sexual abuse of children, physical abuse of children and other crimes involving children where the child is a primary victim or a critical witness, such as drug-related child endangerment cases, in a safe, neutral, child-focused setting. Its purpose is to coordinate and track investigation, related medical service, prosecution, treatment, and training in order to protect the best interests of the child and the community, and to support the professionals who investigate and prosecute cases.


Each child has an inherent right to be treated with dignity.

  • Child abuse is a community problem: no single agency, individual or discipline has the necessary knowledge, skills or resources to provide all the assistance needed by abused children and their families.
  • The combining of the experience and professional knowledge of child protective services, law enforcement, prosecution and court personnel, and medical and mental health professionals can result in a more thorough understanding of case issues and can provide the best possible system response.
  • Open communication and case coordination among community professionals and agencies are critical for protecting the child and promoting justice.
  • The protection and interests of each child will be foremost in all recommendations related to investigation, referrals, treatment, prosecution and emotional support.


  1. To provide a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary, nonprofit, intergovernmental response to sexual abuse of children, physical abuse of children and other crimes involving children where the child is a primary victim or a critical witness such as drug related child endangerment cases.
  2. To reduce the time and duplication required to evaluate, investigate and to initiate treatment and other needed services for the abused child.
  3. To facilitate the investigation of the alleged offense against the abused child.
  4. To conduct interviews in a professional manner to minimize trauma to the child. To obtain reliable and admissible information which can be used effectively in criminal and child protective proceedings. To expedite processing of the case through the courts to protect the interests of the abused child and the community.
  5. To obtain evidence for use in child protection and criminal proceedings and facilitate prosecution of offenders.
  6. To coordinate and track investigative, treatment and prosecutorial efforts.
  7. To seek protection of the child from further abuse.
  8. To enhance the skills and provide peer support for professionals involved in child abuse cases and to coordinate and host interdisciplinary continuing education.
  9. To maintain a confidential case management system, to evaluate the effectiveness of the Center and to encourage research
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