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How It Works

Business licenses will be issued by the Iron County Clerk’s Office in the areas within the county which are not incorporated. If a business which is applying is going to be located within an incorporated city, you must apply with the appropriate city office.

Where To Start

We will require the following information on your application if it applies to your business.

  • Business Name
  • Owner/Applicant Information
  • Detailed Description of Business
  • Any State or Federal Tax/License numbers

You may want to start by going to to streamline the process of registering a new business in Utah. What you will find on this page is the One Stop Online Business Registration. Once you have completed Utah business registration (if needed) and have your sales tax ID and other required license number you can fill out the Business License Application and submit it to the Iron County Clerk’s Office.


The fees for business licenses are as follows:

  • $25 for owner + $25 per each full time employee
  • Part time employees: Average hours x $0.62
  • Beer license: $150 to $250 depending on what class (A or B)
  • Fees will not exceed $400

Documents & Regulations

Below you will find a PDF copy of the Iron County Business License Application. Please print this application, fill it out and sign it. You then can mail or bring the application and fees to the County Clerk’s Office.

What Happens Next?

When you have submitted the business license application copies of the application will be sent to other departments for inspections such as Fire Department, Building Inspection, County Health Department, and/or Sheriff’s Office.

The business license will be issued by Iron County when the necessary inspections are complete and recommendations for approval are returned to the Planning and Development Office. Not all businesses will require inspections from all of the above named departments.

The normal processing time for a new business license is four to six weeks. You may not conduct your business until you have received your business license.

When Do I Need To Renew?

Each Iron County business license is valid until the end of the current year. Renewal notices will be mailed in December. In order to avoid late fees or penalties the license must be renewed by the 31st of January. It is the responsibility of the licensee to renew the business license each year regardless of whether the business receives a renewal notice or not.

Please mail fees (check/money order only in the mail) and the application above to the Iron County Clerk’s Office to renew your license.

Apply Online

You may now apply online for a business license within Iron County using the form below.

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