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BE READY! Stay informed!

Iron County Emergency Management has a free smart phone app to help you with your preparedness plans and obtain disaster information without calling 911. It will also help you stay informed of local preparedness events. The app compliments the CITIZEN ALERT PROGRAM, but is separate from that system.

To download from either your Android or Apple device, tap one of the icons below. You can also download it manually if you go to your app store (Google Play Store for Android devices and App Store for Apple iOS devices) and in the search box type Iron County. You will see the Iron County Logo with Iron County, UT Community Preparedness. Select that app and download it. You will be asked if you want to download the five preparedness manuals (about 11mb) so download these great resources also! Once downloaded, open the app and begin using it!

You can watch this web page for future information for workshops regarding using this app.

If you have questions or need help, please contact George Colson at (435) 267-1740

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

All apps that have any kind of functionality will have similar types of permissions that you find with the Iron County Community Preparedness Application produced by QuickSeries Publishers.

However, to help put your mind to rest about the permission requests, here are answers to most questions. If your question is not answered here, feel free to contact the Iron County Emergency Management Coordinator, George Colson at (435) 267-1740.

This is used for Push Notification for the Alerts/News. (GCM – Google Cloud Messaging is through the Google Services, so the application (app) will need to find the user’s Google Service account).
Apple push services are completely anonymous, and on an iPhone the app will not be able to access any AppleID information.
On Android, the permission to use Google Cloud Messaging also gives the app permission to access account information. The setting cannot be changed, but the app does not, and never will, use the permission to access account information.
The app registers itself with GCM or Apple so that the service provider knows which devices have the app installed. When the publisher’s servers push a message, they push it to the service provider, who then has the responsibility of getting it to all phones that have the app registered.

If you have account information listed in your contacts, then yes, but it only searches for it if you ask it to. If you are setting up your out-of-state contact or your Status contacts, the app searches for the name you enter to pull it into the app. None of this information is stored “off site.” The app stores the information on your phone and nowhere else. Your information stays secure.
That is how it finds the information on people you want to notify about your status and your out-of-state contact.  The app needs to access the user’s contacts to facilitate the process of setting up an out of town contact and add contacts to the Share My Status feature. 

Yes, IF that function is active on your phone.  This permission assists with the mapping and directions. This is one that you can limit by going to your settings and turning off that feature.  The resources will still show on your phone, but the ability to determine the shortest route to that resource will not be available.  If that function is not active on your phone, the app feature doesn’t work; it cannot override your phone settings.

 Partially. The app will prepare an SMS text message, but will wait for you to press send. The app will never send an SMS message without your confirmation.  This permission is required so users can share their status, “I am Safe” or “I need Help” with their closest friends, family and loved ones with the touch of a button. Messages will be sent as an SMS text message. It doesn’t generate or receive text messages on its own.  If you send out a text message stating that you are okay, that is what the sender receives.  They would have to respond by normal texting avenues.  If you are currently texting, you’ll know what that means.  If your phone does not have a texting option, the app cannot send text messages.

A qualified yes.  As with any application of this size, it will scan or read your USB storage to see if there is enough room to accommodate the application.  It only needs to read USB or SD the storage to ensure that the user has enough room to take the picture. The app will NOT modify or delete the contents of the storage. This is generic language used by Android for this feature.
If there is not enough room, it will tell you so and ask you if you want to make room for it and it will suggest avenues (deletion of apps, clearing caches, etc.).  It will not do any of this automatically.  If at some time down the road, the app does an update with your permission it will again read your USB storage to ensure enough space for the update.  If there is not enough storage, it will notify you.  That is all it can do.  It does not read and send any information that is stored on your phone whether on the device or in your USB storage.  Your information never leaves your phone.

Yes. This permission needs to access the camera to take a picture for the Report an Incident feature. The app will NOT take videos. This is generic language used by Android for this feature.  The feature called “Report an Incident” will allow you to send the Iron County Emergency Management Coordinator information about an incident – home fire, local flooding, etc. and will allow you to take a picture to attach to the report.  “A picture is worth a thousand words”.  The application cannot activate your phone camera to spy on you.

Yes, this feature is there to save you from using your precious air time which sometimes is not as fast or as reliable as a wifi source. The app requires this permission for Geo location (distance from user to Service). It will use the GPS or WIFI.
The application can only connect to wifi sources for which you have permission to connect.  Your smart phone has the ability to scan for wifi sources and connect if you have previously established a connection with that source.

Yes! The flashlight can be accessed through the “Emergency Now” feature under “Tools” in the app, therefore the app needs access to your phone’s flashlight. And while you’re in the “Emergency Now” feature try the other modes to see what is offered!

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