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Hours & Contact

Steve Platt, County Engineer
82 N 100 E #104
Cedar City, UT 84720

Tel: (435) 865-5370
Fax: (435) 865-5379
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Monday – Friday 8:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M.

What We Do

The Iron County Engineering & Surveying Department will provide professional services to the Commissioners, Planning Commission, all Iron County Departments and citizens in the disciplines of civil engineering and land surveying. Specifically we will help with planning, seeking funding for projects, surveying, designing and construction of safe roads and flood channels, acquiring rights-of-way, providing addresses to private lots and preserving and perpetuating the public lands survey system all to promote public health, safety and general welfare.

Historically, the Surveyor’s Office is one of the oldest offices in county government. The office of the County Surveyor is regulated and mandated by state law to perform diversified survey-related functions. These functions are to support and assist other county offices in their respective responsibilities while providing a valuable service to the general public. For information about the Surveyor’s office, call (435) 865-5370. Some of our responsibilities are as follows:

  • Perform all boundary, topographical and property surveys of county properties, parks, recreational facilities, engineering improvements and land to be purchased and/or sold by/to Iron County.
  • Maintain the accuracy and integrity of section corner and accessory monumentation in Iron County. These monuments are the control used by the majority of surveys. Maintenance is continual and sometimes difficult due to road construction and subdivision development.
  • Reestablish any lost or obliterated section corner monuments. Original monuments were placed in the late 1800s and several are still in existence and in use today.
  • Preserve the location of section corner monuments by utilizing a global positioning system to establish State Plane Coordinates. We use the latest technology in survey equipment and procedures.
  • Maintain a depository and review process for plats of all surveys where property corner monuments were set to establish property boundaries.
  • Create and maintain a geographical mapping system denoting various voting, legislative and school districts.
  • Develop a street center-line addressing system to assist the county in parcel identification, law enforcement response time, 911, and verification of special project boundaries.
  • The Engineering Department is also now responsible for issuing Encroachment Permits. You may download the permit application below.
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