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What We Do

A geographic information system (GIS) lets us visualize, question, analyze, and interpret data to understand relationships, patterns, and trends. Our GIS division supports all county departments and the public alike.

Interactive Maps

Listed below are all of the maps that we have readily available for the public to view or download.

PDF Maps

TypeMap NameFile Size
Iron County Zoning3 mb
Iron County Voting Precints6 mb
Cedar City Voting Precints4.56 mb
Enoch City Voting Precints1.65 mb
Parowan Area Voting Precints1.61 mb
Iron County School Board Districts463 kb
Iron County Ownership/Landuse2.16 mb
Cedar City Annexation Plan659 kb
Brian Head Annexation Plan298 kb
Enoch Annexation Plan414 kb
Paragonah Annexation Plan144 kb
Kanarraville Annexation Plan175 kb
Parowan Annexation Plan175 kb
Iron County Water Protection Zones1.02 mb
Iron County Water Municipality528 kb
Iron County Earthquakes1.28 mb
Iron County Earthquake Municipality548 kb
Iron County Flood Plain1.04 mb
Iron County Flood Plain Municipalities529 kb
Iron County Tiergrowth2.67 mb
Iron County Addressing4 mb
Iron County Livestock Trails1.01 mb
Iron County Springs1.15 mb
Iron County Water Districts1.25 mb
Cedar City Zoning539 kb
Brian Head Roads282 kb
Wind Energy Overlay Zone3.84 mb
Debris Flow Study Areas – Cedar and West Desert1.75 mb
Liquefaction Study Areas4 mb
Earth Fissure Study Areas – Key475 kb
Earth Fissure Plate 1606 kb
Earth Fissure Plate 2542 kb
Earth Fissure Plate 3536 kb
Earth Fissure Plate 4473 kb
Earth Fissure Plate 5610 kb
Earth Fissure Plate 6596 kb
Earth Fissure Plate 7532 kb
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