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You must first determine if a court appearance is required. You may do this by accessing the Local Bail Schedule. Many traffic tickets can be taken care of without a courtroom appearance either through the mail or at the Justice Court payment window.

You may make a payment in several different ways:

  1. Send a cashier’s check or money order payable to the Iron County Justice Court to our address, 82 N 100 E, Cedar City, UT 84720
  2. Pay online with Secure Instant Payments using a credit card or Visa check card. There is a convenience fee charge to you to use this service. The rate varies and you will be informed of it before you authorize the payment.
  3. Make phone payments by contacting Instant Payments directly at 435-261-7571.
  4. You may pay by cash, cashier’s check or money order at our payment window. You may also pay with a credit or debit card at our window. There is a 2.5% merchant fee assessed by Instant Payments. Our window does not close for lunch and our clerks are available Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. We are closed on all major holidays, except Columbus Day.

If you wish to have a receipt sent to you, you will need to send a self-addressed, stamped envelope, or your email address, along with your payment. If you pay by mail or by using a credit card online or over the phone, feel free to email us, if you would like to request a receipt be emailed to you.

For your convenience, the Court allows payments to be made online using visa, mastercard or discover.

If the ticket does not come up on your search, then wait a few days and try accessing again, as it can take up to 5 days for a ticket to appear on our system. Please make sure to select our Court in the drop down menu for Courts to ensure proper payment and that your name appears. Once you select the ticket and pay, the payment update is immediate. The case will be closed the following day.

If it has been more than 5 days since you received the ticket and it still isn’t coming up on the search, please contact the court at 435-865-5335.


Please be aware a processing fee of 2.5% will be added to your payment. You will also need a citation or case number for online payments.


You may appear in person at the Justice Court payment window at 82 N 100 E, Cedar City, Utah 84720. We have two kiosks available for you to pay online in the Court lobby.

You may also make phone payments by contacting Instant Payments directly at 435-261-7571.

Yes, you can do traffic school. For specifics, please visit our Online Traffic School page.

Any considerations to be given to a defendant in keeping a ticket from showing on your record must be authorized by the prosecutor’s office and the Judge. In order to do this, you must set a court date. Further instructions will be given in court.

If your charges are non-mandatory, you may enter a plea at the window or through the mail. You will receive a trial date notice in the mail at which your appearance is required. If you fail to receive a trial date notice within approximately three (3) weeks, please contact the court. Submit plea via mail, at 82 North 100 East, #101, Cedar City, UT 84720, email (click here for email form), fax (435-865-5349) or in person. It must be submitted in writing, please include your return fax number and/or email address.

If your charges are mandatory, you must set a court date in order to enter a not guilty plea. Please contact the court within 5-14 days in order to set an arraignment court date.

If your charge is requires mandatory appearance, then you need to schedule a court date. You may access the Local Bail Schedule on this website to assist you in determining if you need to set a court date. If you are unable to determine if you need a court date, please contact the court to assist you.

There are extenuating circumstances in which consideration to not appear will be granted. However, you must submit your guilty plea in writing and request to be sentenced by mail at 82 North 100 West, #101, Cedar City, UT 84720 or email us. You may request the Judge to waive your mandatory appearance, in which case we will send out a Non-Appearance Rights form. You will need to submit the form and the required amount of bail within 14 days. If you need more time, please contact the Court immediately.

Please be aware there are certain charges which require an Enhancement form to be signed and sent along with the Non-Appearance Rights form. To determine if you need an Enhancement form, please access the Local Bail Schedule or the Enhancement Section on this website.

The request for voluntary bail forfeiture us reviewed by the prosecutor and then the Judge. Please contact the court within 14 days of sending your request to determine the outcome of your request.

Pursuant to Rule 4-704(1) of the Code of the Judicial Administration, the clerks are allowed to give a short extension on payments of bail or fines. Please contact the court to see if you can receive an extension.

On non-mandatory charges, payment plans are not allowed at the window. On mandatory charges and any other type of payment arrangement, you will need to have a payment plan authorized by the Judge. Contact the court to set a court date.

Please contact the Driver’s License Division about questions concerning your license at 801-965-4437 or toll free at 888-353-4224. You can visit their website at http://publicsafety.utah.gov/dld/offices/cedar_city.html. If it is determined that your license is suspended and you need further action from the court, please obtain a court case number so we may better assist you.

You may access the Local Bail Schedule on this website or you may also access the Administrative Office of the Court’s State Bail Schedule for information on bail amounts set by the State of Utah. Please be sure to access the bail schedule for the Justice Courts.

Please be aware that any charge requiring a mandatory court appearance will need to be addressed by the Court.

You may contact our court between the hours of 8 am – 5 pm, Monday through Friday, in order to determine if you have a warrant. Please be aware that the warrant will not be recalled until payment is received in full. You may set a court date, but the warrant remains active until either the bail is paid or you have been seen by a Judge. If you feel you have warrants in other courts, you may contact them individually or call the Bureau of Criminal Identification at 801-965-4445 seven days a week, 24 hours a day. They will provide you with the name of the Court to contact, the case and warrant number. Please make sure you have a pen and paper ready before you call.

If you received a letter from Driver’s license Division, it is imperative that you act accordingly. Often you have a limited amount of time in which to avoid some type of action being taken on your license. Please contact Driver’s License Division at 801-965-4437 or toll free at 888-353-4224 for any questions you may have which are not answered in the letter.

If the letter directs you to contact the court, please contact us immediately at 435-865-5335 so we may assist you.

Please refer to the Utah Driver Handbook for points assessed on certain violations. You may also contact Driver’s License Division directly at 801-965-4437 or toll free at 888-353-4224.

Pursuant to Utah Code 53-3-216, you are required to change your driver’s license address within (10) days of your move. If you possess a commercial driver’s license, you must change your address within thirty (30) days and you must do it in person at the Driver’s License Division.

For this and any other driver’s license related questions, you may access the Driver’s License FAQ section at http://publicsafety.utah.gov/dld/dlfaq.html.

Most of your questions can be answered by visiting the Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification (BCI) website, or by calling BCI at 801-965-4445.

The expungement process can be easy if you follow the steps below:

  1. Please review the State of Utah’s Certificate of Eligibility and make application to BCI for your Certificate before proceeding to step 2.
  2. Once you have applied for and received your Certificate of Eligibility, please print this Expungement Packet and follow the instructions.

We are located between E 200 N and E Center St. on 100 E, directly across from the Heritage Center parking garage.

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The following is a list of providers for assessments, treatments, community service or Prime for Life course, or if you have been ordered to install an ignition interlock on your vehicle. Please remember to follow the time guidelines as laid out in court for providing proof of completion to the Court.

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