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How Do I Reserve A Pavilion?

Parks and Recreation Ordinance

  • Reservations are only accepted for the current year.
  • Reservations will be accepted beginning on the first Monday of the current year. You may review the reservation calendars for each park on the Iron County website. Park ordinances are on the website for your review prior to making your reservation.
  • As of January 1, 2008, Iron County Outdoor Recreation charges a non-refundable fee for group use of the pavilions at Three Peaks and Woods Ranch. The fees are as follows:
    • Group up to 100 people will be $25.00 per day, per reservation
    • Groups over 101 people will be $50.00 per day, per reservation
    • Three Peaks overnight camping fee $10 per night. Sites are first come, first served. 
    • Special Events are required to obtain a permit and supply additional documentation such as liability insurance, medical and law enforcement notifications, and are also subject to a $500 fee. Please contact the Outdoor Recreation Director well in advance to start your permit process.
  • A reservation request form must be filled out and presented with applicable fees to Iron County Outdoor Recreation Office, 581 N Main St, Cedar City, UT, between the hours of 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Reservations will only be confirmed by the director and upon receipt of payment.
  • Consumption of alcohol in county parks requires a permit from Iron County Outdoor Recreation Dept.
  • Forms may be printed from Iron County website or they may be picked up the Iron County Outdoor Recreation Office located in the Iron County Visitor Center, 581 N Main St, Cedar City, UT.
  • The reservation season for Woods Ranch is May 1st (weather permitting) through September 30th. Should you have an activity other than a picnic or small gathering prior to or after the season, please notify the director so she can advise you on the status of the park.
  • Reservations for Three Peaks are on a year-round basis.
  • Reservation of the Small Pavilion at Three Peaks includes that Group Camp Spot.
  • Submit completed application and payment in the form of cash, check or credit card to Iron County Outdoor Recreation Office, 581 N Main St, Cedar City, UT 84721
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