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About The Shooting Range

At the far western edge of the Three Peak Recreation Complex is the Iron County Shooting Range. This is a dedicated target shooting area that features a long and short range.

There is also a cowboy action shooting range for organized events (reservation required)

Any destruction of public property or littering is a criminal offense punishable by fine and /or incarceration. Shooting is not allowed in any other areas of the Three Peaks Complex.

Range Rules

Notice: Discharging firearms may be dangerous. This is an unsupervised shooting range. Use of the Iron County Shooting Range is at YOUR OWN RISK.

General Range Rules apply to the entire Iron County Shooting Range facility to insure the safety of all visitors and minimize activities that detract from an enjoyable and safe shooting experience for all.

Unsupervised venues make awareness and courtesy even more important!

Except during organized shooting events, all venues are unsupervised. It is up to every individual visiting the range to familiarize themselves with safe shooting practices and to exercise these practices at all times.

Where firearms are concerned, an abundance of safety and neighborly manners are in order. Those that fail to follow safety rules will be removed from the premises.

  • Direction of fire is always directly down range. Cross range fire is prohibited.
  • Before going downrange to set or change targets, coordinate with ALL other shooters at the line to establish a cease fire. Honor all cease fires and refrain from handling guns while anyone is downrange.
  • All guns not in a case should always be pointed down range or straight up and never at anyone along or behind the firing line.
  • When a cease fire is called, ALL guns should be made safe by:
    • Semiautomatic guns
      Remove the magazine, ensuring the chamber is empty, and lock the slide open.
    • Bolt action guns
      Remove the magazine, ensuring the chamber is empty and leave the bolt open.
    • Lever action guns
      Ensure the magazine is empty, ensure the chamber is empty, and leave the lever down and action open.
    • Falling block or rolling block guns
      Ensure the chamber is empty and leave the action open.
    • Break barrel guns
      Verify the chamber is empty and leave the gun clearly broken open.
    • Revolvers
      For double action revolvers, verify the cylinder is empty and prop the cylinder open.
      For single action revolvers, verify all chambers of the cylinder are empty and leave the loading gate open.
  • Guns should not be handled again until the range is clear and ok to fire is agreed upon.

These are standard range rules at all managed shooting events. Develop good safety habits and teach others how to be safe at the range.


Children brought to the range must be fully supervised at all times. All children should have eye and hearing protection at all times. Young ears are sensitive and permanent hearing damage can occur with the noise of a single shot.

ATVs and Motorcycles

ATV’s and Motorcycles may be used to go downrange to manage targets or as transportation to toilet facilities, but otherwise cannot not be used in the area for recreational riding. The range has a 5 mph speed limit to avoid excessive noise and raising dust.

Keeping the Range Clean

Everyone’s help is needed to keep the range clean. Trash cans are provided. Pick up any trash and spent shotgun hulls and put them in the cans.

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Directions To The Range

Head West on Highway 56. Take a right on Iron Springs Road. Proceed past the Iron County Landfill. Take a right on Shooting Range Road/Three Peaks Road. Continue Northeast 2.4 miles until you reach the shooting range.

The GPS Coordinates are LAT: 37°46’28.35″N LONG: -113°12’29.04″W

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