Fees of Iron County Recorder

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Fee Schedule
Effective May 4th, 2006
Utah Code Annotated 1953, Title 21-2-3

Recording Documents Fee
Any instrument, paper, or notice not otherwise provided for

Item Amount
Standard Fee First page of any Document $10.00
Each additional page $2.00
Back of page if typed on $2.00
Each additional description $1.00
Water users numbers $1.00
Each right-of-way $1.00
Each additional name over two $1.00
Subdivision plat each sheet $30.00
Each lot or unit description of subdivision plat $1.00
Non -conforming documents (per page) $2.00

Miscellaneous Fees

Item Amount
Copy of record (Page 1) $1.00
Each additional Page $.10
Xerox copies $.10
Certificate under seal $5.00
Faxing (per page) $1.00

Mining Location Fees
Recording Fees Same As Above
Proof of Labor needs a notary

Item Amount
Plus each signer over two $1.00
Plus each mining claim over one $1.00

Plat & Map Fees

Item Amount
Ownership Plats (each) $3.00
Official Plats (each page) $5.00
House Plans (each page) $5.00
Brian Head or Enoch Maps $10.00
Parowan Map $10.00
County Map $10.00


  • Be an original or copy certified by a public office or record;
  • Contain a legible legal description of property & serial number;
  • Contain original signatures of grantors;
  • If document is a conveying deed, the grantees address must be included

NOTE: The Recorder’s Office stamp requires a place 3 inches wide by 1 3/4 inches high on the first of the document.

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