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Hours & Contact

Preston Nelson, Director
1105 N Bulldog Rd
Cedar City, UT 84721

Tel: (435) 865-5400
Monday – Thursday 7:00 A.M. – 5:30 P.M.

What We Do

The main responsibilities of the Road Department are maintaining the 968 miles of road in Iron County. As of June of 2013 Iron County has 224 miles of paved, 453 miles of gravel and 291 miles of dirt roads. The Roads Department is also responsible for snow removal during the winter months.

Class B&C Road Program

The Class B & C road system with a funding program was established by the Utah Legislature in 1937 as a means of providing assistance to counties and incorporated municipalities for the improvement of roads and streets throughout the State.

The funds differ from ordinary local revenues inasmuch as they are subject to administrative direction by the State in accordance with legislative provisions. The Utah Department of Transportation is the administrative authority on behalf of the State (Utah Code 72-2-109). The procedures and regulations are designed to function by mutual accord among
all agencies concerned. They have the approval and the endorsement of both the Utah Association of Counties and the Utah League of Cities and Towns through the Joint Highway Committee and are looked upon as measures necessary in the perpetuation of the annual allocations that are so vital to each local authority in meeting ever increasing traffic demands.
Commendable accomplishments have been made in the use of Class B & C funds due to the continued cooperation extended by the individual agencies.

Class B & C Roads: All public highways, roads or streets that are designated as Class B by the county or Class C by the municipality having jurisdictional authority to do so. Counties and municipalities cannot designate Class B or Class C roads outside of their geographical boundaries, with exception that Class B roads can exist inside of municipal boundaries (Utah Codes 17-50-305, 72-3-103 and 72-3-104).

For more information on class B&C road regulations click here.

Service Requests

For service requests, or to report road or sign damage, please fill out the form.

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