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What Type of Waste is Accepted?

Cedar landfill accepts all wastes except those that are hazardous (batteries, pesticides, oil, etc) or those that are in liquid form (paint, oil, etc).

Parowan landfill does not accept business or commercial waste with exception of construction and yard waste.

Refrigerator or Freezers: We accept any appliance or equipment containing Freon for $10/unit. It does not matter if the unit currently contains Freon or if the compressor has been removed. All units that have ever contained Freon will cost $10 to dispose of them.

Tires: We strongly encourage all tires to be recycled at a tire recycler/tire shop. However, we will accept up to 12 non-commercial tires from a resident for $4.00 a tire. Tire with rims and tires over 24.5″ will not be accepted.  We do not accept tires from any businesses.


  • Pipe Insulation
  • Blown On Insulation
  • Packing/Roping
  • Boiler Casing
  • Plaster
  • Duct Insulation

DISPOSAL FEE: $500 In County $750 Out of County $300 Minimum Fee


  • V.A.T/Mastic
  • Brick
  • Roofing/Tile
  • Soils
  • Utility Piping
  • Transite
  • Lab Counter Tops

DISPOSAL FEE: $65 In County $100 Out of County $50 Minimum Fee

Demolition Debris Containing Asbestos. $500 In County $750 Out of County

All Fees are on a per ton basis using the Iron County State Certified Scales at the Landfill.

A two week notification prior to disposal is required for all asbestos related material.

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