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2019 Municipal Election Canvass Dates & Results

Below are the dates of each canvass within Iron County. Official results of each canvass will be posted throughout the week here as they become available.

Brian Head Canvass: November 12th at 1:00 PM – Brian Head Official Results

Cedar City Canvass: November 13th at 5:30 PM – Cedar City Official Results

Kanarraville Canvass: November 14th at 7:30 PM – Kanarraville Official Results

Paragonah Canvass: November 13th at 7:00 PM – Paragonah Official Results

Parowan Canvass: November 14th at 6:00 PM – Parowan Official Results

Updated 2019 General Municipal Election Results

Below are updated links to Iron County municipal election results as of November 8th, 2019 after further tallying of provisional and mail-in ballots.

Updated Brian Head Election Results

Updated Cedar City Precinct Election Results

Updated Cedar City Summary Election Results

Updated Kanarraville Election Results

Updated Parowan Precinct Election Results

Updated Parowan Summary Election Results

Updated Paragonah Election Results

2019 Municipal General Election Results

Below are links to municipal election results for Iron County. As more provisional and mail-in ballots are processed, further results will be posted on Friday, November 8th.

Brian Head Election Results

Cedar City Precinct Election Results

Cedar City Summary Election Results

Kanarraville Election Results

Parowan Precinct Election Results

Parowan Summary Election Results

Paragonah Election Results