Public Notice: Courthouse move back

PUBLIC NOTICE After successful completion of needed repairs and renovations to the Iron County Courthouse, county staff will be moving back into the courthouse beginning January 29, 2018. Thank you for your patience while we have been displaced. The moving process is expected to take 1 to 2 weeks. For questions, please contact specific departments listed below. On February 12th, 2018, all interested persons are invited to an open house at the courthouse from 1-5 p.m. Light refreshments will be served. As a reminder, the courthouse is located at 68 South 100 East, Parowan. Iron County Assessor* Iron County IT (435) 477-8310 (435) 477-8370 P.O. Box 537, Parowan, UT 84761-0537 P.O.Box 1030,Parowan, UT 84761-1030 Iron County Auditor Iron County Recorder (435) 477-8330 (435) 477-8350 P.O. Box 457, Parowan, UT 84761-0457 P.O. Box 506, Parowan, UT 84761-0369 Iron County Clerk Iron County Treasurer (435) 477-8340 (435) 477-8360 P.O. Box 429, Parowan, UT 84761-0429 P.O. Box 369, Parowan, UT 84761-0369 Iron County Fair (435) 477-8380 P.O. Box 1030, Parowan, UT 84761-1030 *The Parowan Department of Motor Vehicles will reopen in the Assessor’s Office. All other Iron County offices will remain unchanged. The Iron County website is still: We appreciate your patience as the Iron County Courthouse was repaired. We look forward to many years in the newly remodeled Iron County Courthouse. Thank you.
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