Public Notice on OTA Television Services

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has auctioned spectrum previously used for television services and required all television stations to move to lower channels. All television stations operating above Channel 36 are now required to relocate or cease operations. This will affect most “over the air” television services in the Iron County area. These are changes that are required by the FCC and designed to make more spectrum available for cellular telephone and other uses. This will not have any effect on television signals received by cable or satellite services.

Iron County plans to begin making these required changes within the next two weeks and continuing for about 120 days. The first of these changes will have primary affect in the Beryl and Kanarraville, Parowan, Paragonah, Summit and Enoch areas. Changes in the Cedar City and Cedar Canyon areas and more changes in the Enoch area will follow during the spring and summer Months of 2019. This should not affect your ability to receive the television signal for any extended period of time. In most cases, any television station should not be off the air for more than a single day. This should require only rescanning your television to locate and continue to receive all stations. All stations in Iron County will continue service. For those setting up new television antennas in the Beryl, Parowan, Paragonah and Summit areas, UHF antennas are required. VHF/UHF combination antennas are required in the Cedar City, Cedar Canyon, Enoch and Kanarraville areas to receive all signals.

In rural areas using low power television broadcast, it is recommended that good quality outdoor antennas, lead wires and signal preamplifiers are used. Please try to locate antennas where there is line of site to the television towers in your area. Buildings, trees and other obstructions will reduce the signal to your antenna and television. Iron County does not recommend the use of indoor antennas.

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